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Eco-Conference Web Design
Lingerie Web Design
Luna offers full-scale website development and management services to businesses of all industries
No time to run your project? Then take the load off & allow us to manage it for you...
Whether you are looking to book either or both services, LDL has a package that works perfectly for you!


Website Management plans can be added on, based on the type of site needing to be managed

  • Landing Page- 1-page w/email capture/subscription option

  • Basic Site- 4 pages with the contact option

  • Extensive Site- 4+ pages with services/bookings

  • E-Commerce- Site With Online Store

This package has a flat rate per platform and includes services for up to 20 hours per month, about 5 hours per week.

*Additional hours can be added to your package on an as-needed basis, at the fee rate of OT for your base VA package.

Web Services

Get Your Current Website Redesigned By ChOosing a web pkg

Need More?

Luna's Digital Lounge not only develops websites but manages them as well. Whether or not your site is developed by LDL, there are website management plans available to suit your business. The plans offered are based on the type of website that you have, so be sure to choose the right one. Make sure to add a website management plan, if needed. There will be a surcharge applied to book this service for a platform not developed by Luna. Check out more information by using the link below!

Get Your Website Managed!

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need help managing your site?

Website Management Services

Hire a Website Manager!

Managing a website has many different aspects and tasks involved, which can be a lot to handle for the average person. Let alone, anyone who enjoys making money without having to get into the technical side of their business. It can become very overwhelming! Having a website manager who understands your goals, on your side is the only solution to solve this problem.

Get Your Current or new Website managed!