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Social Media Development

Take Your Digital Footprint To The Next Level via Social Media

Going digital means connecting with your audience in a whole new way and with today's world of social media, the possibilities are endless! Social Media is the best tool to use for any business because it is multi-purposeful and can serve as a solution to several needs.


If you have not previously relied on social media, now is the perfect time to get started. Whether or not you know how Luna is here to help you. Social media development services are available in 1 package of a full set.

Social Media Management services are also offered, see below:

Benefits of
Social Media

Digital Foundation

Social media allows you to create a foundation of platforms that will allow your audience to use as a reference point in staying updated on your business.

Community Engagement

Establishing a rapport with your audience or "community" can really be a deal breaker for a business. Having an active following and engaging is crucial!

Consistent Reach

Being able to reach our audience consistently and receive feedback is an essential advantage of having social media.

Professional Reputation

Consistently using social media will help to build your business's professional reputation, providing positive reviews for potential clients and collaborations.

Various Platforms

There is a plethora of platforms that can be used as a social media tool. LDL services Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. 

Have Fun Online!

Not only can businesses use social media to enlist in new marketing skills, but they can also have tons of fun with the amount of creativity trending right now!

SM Development

Social Set

Receive a full package service when you add on a social media management plan
All Platforms Bundle:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

This package has a flat rate per platform and includes services for up to 20 hours per month, about 5 hours per week.

*Additional hours can be added to your package on an as-needed basis, at the fee rate of OT for your base VA package.

Make sure to choose 'social media' as an option for your purchase.

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Social Media Management

Let your social media run itself!

Not knowing how to get started or make a change for the better can be extremely frustrating. But having a professional skilled and trained in this particular field to manage all of the different aspects, ups & downs, and the daily flow of your social media can be life-changing. Once a business's social media is set up and coordinated correctly, it will essentially run itself with minimal interference. 

If you do not have social media set up yet, check out our social media development page.

Luna's  Management Plans Apply To:

Any Platforms That Require Updates/Management For Your Business

Benefits of
Social Media Management

Digital Foundation

Create a digital anchor for your business so that others can feel like they have access at any time. Tell people who you are, what your business is about, and why they should connect with you. 

Authentic Engagement

Authentic Engagement is a result of active campaigning, connecting and committing to your audience. Engaging with the people most interested in your business is the best way to get real leads and feedback 

Audience Targeting

Social Media is best utilized when taking advantage of the tools available to direct your content to the audience that you want to attract to your business. 

Marketing Analyses

Using the results from audience-targeted campaigns & data from authentic engagement; marketing analyses ran, aid in producing new and innovative marketing strategies.

Deploy Ad Campaigns

Using SMM tools to send out campaigns promoting your events, products, and/or services will bring a whole new level of authentic engagement & business from your audience

Have Fun Online!

Social Media allows us to take a whole new approach to promoting and marketing businesses. Rather than the traditional boring ad in paper era, we can now ignite more fun and creative system.