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• Offer opportunities for women to create their own businesses and revenue potential
• Offer veteran women suffering from mental health issues a chance to heal and thrive
• Develop and establish a community of women who feel empowered and supported
• Create a movement for women like myself to have a voice and platform

Becoming a part of VGDI means:

Becoming a part of something bigger than yourself; by joining a community geared around assisting young women veterans in sustaining a more productive and satisfying lifestyle. Because we promote both flexible career opportunities as well as the improvement of mental health; we are essentially set up to be a step ahead of the employment industry in ways that these particular women have not been able to. For you to be apart of that, is a true game changer. Here at VGDI, we Value Genuine and Dedicated Intentions!

VGDI Values:

  • Integrity: Doing the right thing when no one else is watching

  • Authenticity: Being true to yourself and genuine to others at all time

  • Compassion: Displaying understanding and empathy for all others and their experiences

  • Leadership: Not being afraid to take charge of your life and help others in the process


Becoming a member of Vets Get Digital Inc. is a big deal to us, because it means that you are ready to join our movement and become a part of the digital light force. Although we serve a specific community, anyone is welcome to join our membership, as it is not limited strictly to veterans nor women. 

The Vets Get Digital Inc. Membership includes:

  • Business Development Workshops (Setting up and developing businesses)

  • Extended Knowledge Workshops (Apps, Software and other tools)

  • Discounted fees for all paid events & fundraisers

  • Free admission to annual event

  • Updates and access to all community outreach projects

  • Voucher for 1 free personalized Wix website template (No expiration)

  • Much more to come!

Members of VGD pay an annual fee of $400

Veteran applicants pay a discounted fee of $250

*Must show proof of prior military status for the discount to be applied


Vets Get Digital Inc. works with various partners to achieve the goals and mission of the organization. We are willing to partner with other non-profit charities and organizations (as well as those that are for profit) that choose to serve the women of our community (veterans, mothers, and the mentally disabled). Becoming a VGD partner, means exclusive access to our programs and events, as well as endless collaboration opportunities. As we will continue to grow, Vets Get Digital Inc. appreciates any/all donations and resources offered to assist us in our digital movement.

Reach out to VGD in order to inquire about partnering as a sponsor or investor. 


Vets Get Digital Inc. encourages volunteers, ages 6 years old and up to participate in events, projects, and programs that we engage in. We will even log and sign off on the volunteers' work hours if needed for documented community service hours. 

There is no $$ to become a volunteer, as this is a free component of VGD.


Sign-up to become a volunteer and stay updated on upcoming volunteer opportunities.


Get in touch so we can start working together.

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