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Image by Magic Mind

Need a logo or social media templates? How about event/promo flyers to attract your audience?

Luna's content creation services include something for all of your business needs

Content creation is not just about pretty pictures, it is about using powerful wording and visual techniques to not only attract people but also assist in conveying a message to the audience

Revamp your brand and marketing plan


The first thing that a person notices when introduced to your brand is the logo. Does it look nice/friendly on the eyes? Also, is it professional? Is the logo cohesive to the brand's name and message? Are there different variations that can align with a variety of projects? Developing a logo can seem simple, but there are a few aspects that are crucial to its alignment with the brand. A graphic designer will check all of these boxes and more, at a faster rate than tacking this all by yourself. Luna has created a variety of logos for businesses of all scales and industries and will do the same for you. Fill out the logo intake form/contract and secure your deposit to get started. 


Banners are the hottest new visual marketing tool because they can be designed to use for a multitude of projects. Banners are meant to attract and provide specific information; they can be used as vinyl stickers on cars, stand-alone (vertical/horizontal) pop-ups, or even hanging signs. 

Common Reasons for Banners:

  • Congratulations

  • Graduation

  • Event Promo

  • Product Promo

  • Service Promo