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Get A Digital Business Audit Today!

The only way to find out where your business stands is to let the right set of eyes evaluate it 

A Goal-Driven Digital Audit

A digital audit will provide the current atmosphere of the company in all aspects: verifying digital footprints, identifying sore spots/weakening factors, highlighting potential elevation points, and so much more.


A Results Driven Digital Plan

Get a highly-detailed strategy plan that will guide you in reviewing your digital audit and modifying your digital platforms based on Luna's expertise to ensure real results

What Happens During The Digital Audit Consultation?

After a DBA is booked, the required form is completed, and payment is submitted (completed during the booking process), a full digital audit will begin. A digital specialist will compose a report of all digital discoveries, which will be used to form a strategic plan of success for your business. This report will be presented at the consultation on the date chosen and discussed thoroughly with the client. If for some reason or preference, you would like to skip the consultation and receive your report directly, fill out the form to get started.

*Choosing to skip the consultation will result in a fully detailed "transcription" of what would have been said during the consultation. As effective as this will still be, the client will miss out on asking any questions that could be answered immediately during the consultation. These questions may still be asked and answered via email, with a response rate of 24-48 hours.