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Extra Extra, Read All About It

I know, I know! Who wants to sit at the computer and read anything educational during their free time? But honestly, who are we really kidding?! The teachers were right from day one, because:

1.) Reading is FUNDAMENTAL!

Fundamental means "forming a necessary base or core; of central importance". Therefore, reading essentially helps you to build a core of knowledge which is centrally important in anything that you do, especially when it comes to business.

Reading literally funds your mental!


2.) You Must Care About Your Education More Than Them!

Teachers have expressed this idea for centuries, no matter the level of education, location of the class, or background of the students. Teachers have their education and do not need to worry about going the extra mile to help a student if they don't see them taking the initiative themselves. You have to want more for yourself and your future, which involves self-education, self-evaluation, and self-elevation. 

But I am also a fan of getting to the point quickly, therefore for your benefit, I have decided to try my best to keep each post short and sweet. I have also included the reading time on each post to assure you of a quick reading.