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About VGD

Vets Get Digital Incorporated is a non-profit organization committed to the digital progression of young, veteran women dealing with mental health situations.


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To offer my community an opportunity to excel and succeed now and in the future.

The only way to succeed is to support and connect with one another; and there is no better way in today’s world than digitally. If I can offer a program than enables young women with the knowledge and skills to develop their own digital businesses. They will then be able to:
1.) Work in an environment that they can thrive and adapt in
2.) Create their own income sources and limitless revenue potential
3.) Have a more flexible lifestyle to manage their home lives
4.) Establish a leadership presence within themselves and their own communities
5.) Allows them the mental space to review, heal, and grow


To see young, minority women dealing with mental health issues, not only be able break the barriers within their own minds, but also their overall lifestyle potential. No longer feel like a failure because of the inability to secure and/or maintain employment stability when dealing with the outside world. These same women should be able to create opportunities for themselves, that allow them to be comfortable and reach their maximum potential.

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Mission Statement

Women who can control their own mental capacity, also control their own destiny. From this point on, you will choose your own path and create endless opportunities. It is time to step into the world of entrepreneurship and take on the digital space with force. It is time to be the light in your own darkness and to shine the light on to others.

Let's take a step into the future!

Vets Get Digital serves a growing community that is inclusive to many. We seek to find women who feel as if they're alone or do not belong to a welcoming community based on the fact that they are young, mothers, separated veterans, or even have mental obstacles. Here at VGDI, that is not the case at all!



I am a Post 9/11- Disabled Air Force Veteran 


I am a minority women of African American descent


I am a young mother of two amazing kids


I was diagnosed with Anxiety, Depression, & PTSD

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