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ABOUT The Lounge

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From Luna

Hey everyone! I'm Luna and the digital specialist of this lounge. I am excited to welcome you all here because there is so much for me to offer, that I do not even know where to start! Whether you landed here just from browsing or intentionally for a need, I am sure that you will find something here that can help you or your business elevate digitally.

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How it all started

How Luna Created The Lounge

While I originally started my business solely by offering graphic/logo services, it has now grown into offering full-scale digital packages. I first began my career while in high school; offering tutoring services to students aged 6yr to 60yr in all subjects. I would even get requests for unfamiliar subjects, so I would teach myself first and then successfully reflect that knowledge onto them! I know, crazy! During this time, I also received my first laptop and completely submerged myself in learning every aspect of it (from apps/software to its internal operations systems). At this point, anything digital over-excites me!

After graduating high school, I joined the US Air Force as a Cryptologic Linguist, where I specialized in the Iraqi-Arabic language. After leaving the military, I went back to school (enduring a series of degree changes) before graduating with my Business Management degree. 

Throughout my time in school, I've worked in multiple medical facilities including Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Atlanta Cancer Care (Northside Hospital), Dialysis/Nephrology, Piedmont Healthcare, and Rockdale Medical Center; in positions varying from admitting patients & to greeting their families to managing multiple clinics' logistics and patient data for a provider's private practice.

Working in the healthcare and hospitality systems has allowed me to elevate so many various skills; ones that I did not realize were both very crucial to any profession and also felt so natural to me. Learning multiple computer databases and internal reporting systems simultaneously transformed me into a technical specialist. Providing exceptional, top-quality customer service with every interaction presented me with the strengths of comprehending, empathizing, and de-escalating. Managing confidential and legal information has subconsciously enhanced my level of integrity and responsibility. 

My digital journey has always played a background part in my life (as a hobby or side hustle). But ever since having my two children, becoming classified as a disabled veteran, and enduring the Pandemic (along with life), I have found an entirely new passion for remote work. Working from home has changed my life completely honestly, even when meant working for other businesses. The pandemic has shown all of us that not only is nothing including jobs that we may have worked at for years, promised; but we can actually take that leap of faith and know that there are resources available to fall back on. Now that I have the flexibility to be more dedicated to my business, I am doing everything that I can to empower other women, moms, disabled veterans, and clients to not only start their businesses but allow them to thrive in this new digital world that may just be our future reality.

Why The Lounge

Luna's Digital Lounge is a safe space for digital creatives to explore and learn. We offer both digital services as well as the knowledge and skills for you to empower yourself. Services consist of virtual assistant resources, digital audits, and website development/social media management plans for clients' businesses. Our hands-on programs offer you the chance to start your own business and even offer digital services of your own. Be sure to check out our non-profit organization, Vets Get Digital, aimed at serving younger (18-35yrs) disabled, veteran women.

Contact Luna For Collaborations & Partnership Opportunities

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. My door is always open and the possibilities are endless. Lets connect ASAP! 

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